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Thinking of building a custom home? Meet the redefined countenance of luxury living with us! Phi International has the best custom home builders in Tampa Bay that have planned, designed, and erected many of Tampa Bay’s townhomes that stand tall, showcasing their magnificence. We are keen to detail to evoke elegant and exceptional structures. We strive to understand your needs, taste, and preference to bring luxurious yet practical homes to life.

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Your Tampa Bay custom home builder has great ideas for your custom home or townhouse; read on.

Outdoor entertainment

If you long to enjoy cooking and entertaining your guests outside your home, we can incorporate features like a custom pool and spa and water features like waterfalls. You can go the extra mile and add a lounge and outdoor kitchen.

Work from home?

A luxurious office should do, especially if you sit in front of a screen all day. Spice it up a bit for your daily dose of motivation.

Spa bathroom

Your house isn’t truly luxurious if it doesn’t extend to the bathroom. You deserve that exquisite bathroom you saw on your last vacation to the tropics! Luxurious spas are great for your relaxation. Besides, we spend so much of our life in the bathroom. Being the first and probably the last place we visit at the end of the day. Make these moments count!

More rooms

If you’ve thought about the game or theater room, those are some of our clients’ must-haves. They allow you to have a great time even when confined to your doors. It’s the ultimate fun!

Master suite

After long days at work, you can find solace in your bedroom. Although many don’t prioritize it from the beginning, incorporating luxury into this area of your home shouldn’t even be a choice. We are your luxury custom home builder and designer to help you introduce coziness and comfort for the best nights and relaxation.

Create Your Perfect Haven With The Best Luxury Home Builders In Tampa Bay!

Have designs, colors, styles, textures, or anything you wish for your home? Build your dream house in Tampa Bay! We are happy to create a living space that you can proudly call yours. We may have a few recommendations thanks to our first-hand experience to make the best of the project. You don’t have to compromise functionality, comfort, or taste with us!

Benefits Of Working With The Best Custom Home Designers In Tampa Bay

Why trust us for the best services?

Sterling reputation

Phi International has an excellent reputation in Tampa Bay and beyond the borders. You can get in touch to ask for our customers’ reviews and testimonials to understand what we can do for you. We create high-quality buildings through efficient design, implementation, and management of our constructions. Our exteriors are elegant to meet your preferences while blending with your location simultaneously.

Excellent customer service

Any construction project is of importance to us. Our clients can trust us to quickly respond to any concerns and work on any problems with the project to meet your timeline. We are always in constant communication with our clients to allow you to make all the calls before execution and that your vision sees the light of day. Rest assured that you’re working with a builder committed to offering the best customer service.

One-stop-shop for everything

Let’s save you the time and effort of following up with one service provider to another. We offer comprehensive design-build, financial planning, and construction management services. It allows us to meet your timeline and budget and minimize wastage by maximizing available resources. Our well-designed floor plans foster maximum usability of your space with luxurious details that add character and coziness.

A broad team

We guarantee excellent artistry from our vast team of architects, project managers, engineers, and crew forepersons. We help our clients from the site selection to the project completion and even approval for living to make your work easier.


We are comfortable working with your ideas in our building plans to meet your personality and taste. We have worked with different homeowners with homes of varying sizes and designs. And each time, they couldn’t be happier working with the experts. We also welcome challenges in working with special features like basements, narrow lot designs, or sloping locations for townhomes.

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Looking For Exceptional Custom Home Builders?

Every company has core values, and ours have made us stand out while relentlessly meeting our client’s requirements.


We are a fully licensed company. We work with zonal and state laws to adhere to all the building codes. We ensure that we create solid structures that will stand the test of time and give you the best service. The safety of your family and tenants is in good hands. We also incorporate precautions at the construction site to ensure our staff is well buffered from injuries and accidents.

Timely projects

With an in-house team of all the services needed for your project, we can meet your timeline. We work together with you at the beginning to establish a detailed developmental timeline and go above and beyond to meet it. We also have a structure in place when incidents put us off course.


Our vast team works hand in hand to maintain the highest quality standards in our constructions. We meet your timeline without compromising on quality and surpassing your budget limits. Trust us for contemporary, luxurious, functional, and high-quality structures!
Searching for custom home builders in Tampa Bay that incorporate your ideas, taste, and preference into their building plans? Phi International does that and more. We focus on the planning process for the smooth running of your project. Our highly talented team and state-of-the-art equipment


Any construction project can easily go out of hand when you are not dealing with the pros. Our services are always centered around your initial budget. For decades, we have made the best relationships with various service providers in the construction industry. It makes it easy to land the best deals for your projects to save you money. Our excellence extends to efficiently managing our client finances to create the best value. You can forget about losses from accidents since our comprehensive coverages will help you recover from any property damage.

Pictures during construction.

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Phi International offers design and building services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.