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The World-Class Construction Management Services In Tampa Bay

Are you shovel-ready but not looking forward to the back and forth with a construction team? Phi International is a premier construction company that has earned a good reputation, going above and beyond to meet customers’ satisfaction. We are dedicated to excellence with superior construction management services in Tampa Bay that get it right the first time. Our work speaks of buildings that stand the test of time and creativity with unique creations. We handle everything from the design phase to the completion of the project. Our goal is to promote seamless and effortless constructions for our clients.

Looking For Strategic Construction Management Services In Tampa Bay?

There are various construction management companies in Tampa Bay, but we stand out for a reason. We have a vast team of experts in varying construction backgrounds. Combined with that, we also have decades of experience in the industry, which drives us to attain the impossible.
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Facets Of Our Construction Management Services

Project Management Planning

When you approach us with a construction project, we take a keen interest in the location and type of construction for informed decision-making based on your budget and future goals. We also evaluate the feasibility of your plan regarding jurisdictional authorities. Sit-downs with our construction project manager and architects elaborate on the project’s intimate details, like the space utility and room numbers. Our investment in up-to-the-minute technology comes in handy at this stage for programming. We then proceed to the schematic design or sketch of the space, including the materials and colors. Finally, we put up the drawings and specifications that our team utilizes on the worksite. Generally, this involves outlining the scope, budget, timeframe, and performance standards.

Cost Management

Without a good plan in place, it’s easy to go beyond budget limitations. Our project manager works on strategic labor and quality materials procurements while optimizing the available resources. While we can vouch for our mastery of the tools, you can rely on our business end of things to stick to your budget from the beginning to the end.

Time Management

We strive to meet your timeframe with a well-planned schedule at the start to accommodate delays, mishaps, and other project conflicts that may arise along the way. We value your time with the utmost respect for your specifications.

Quality Management

Our buildings last long and feature exceptional designs. Our team works hand in hand from the design stage to the completion, exhibiting proper coordination. Our certified construction manager is always hands-on, supervising the most significant to the simplest details of your project for quality control. This promotes high-quality standards and the use of the best materials.

Safety Management

Any construction site is a hazard, but safety is always our priority. We incorporate safety training, equipment, and accessories, like hard hats, high visibility uniforms, etc. We also take the initiatives to minimize accidents by posting signs with a plan for handling emergencies.

Why Choose Us For Your Construction Project Management In Tampa Bay

  • We are licensed and insured, adhering to all building codes and safeguarding you from any losses from mishaps.
  • construction planning and management project, small or big, always meeting our high-quality standards. 
  • We have a good portfolio with excellent reviews, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with the best team in the industry. 
Searching for exceptional construction management services in Tampa Bay? Phi International takes pride in meeting our client’s budget and timeframe with buildings that retain their vibrancy for years to come. We do everything with precision for a seamless project that puts your mind at ease from beginning to end. Don’t settle for anything less by calling us today!

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