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Why should you reach out for the help of Phi International services? Phi International will surely provide you with the best design for your house. Working closely with architects in Tampa and Florida, we will complete your construction project within the required time and budget. Our able team offers the best design and build services and will skillfully handle every aspect of the process of commercial construction every step of the way. We only work with the best professionals in every sector of commercial construction. For instance, the engineers, architects, and construction managers we recruit have had hands-on experience in the field with a combination of the knowledge and appreciation of the principles we stand for. With a combination of engineers, architects, and construction managers, we aim to consolidate and unify all the construction needs of our clients professionally. You can contact us either through the phone, mail or through our website and share your vision for your new building.

ISAAC: 813-860-8459

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We are also open to the call of a construction company seeking help. Whether on land or offshore, prosperous and safe completion of projects is usually demanded from experienced personnel like Phil International. Therefore, we called upon Phil International to assist in the effective management of projects. We will help your company with such construction-related activities as procurement, project planning, safety, health, project site inspection, among other quality construction services.

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Our qualified and experienced professionals are strategically located in Tampa, Florida, to access you directly. Our contact professionals are also ready to respond to any call of assistance at any particular point in time. Our reputation is with Milan Homes, whose customers savor quality homes. Therefore, if you seek the best commercial and residential contractor in Florida, contact us. At Phi International, we transform complex construction problems into beautiful aesthetic havens. That is because we have been led by a strong ethic of care and diligence, customer satisfaction, professionalism, timeliness, regulatory compliance, environmentally-conscious, and production of sound and high-quality services and products. If you create a partnership with us, you will realize your long-awaited dream of acquiring a beautiful space and home. The journey to discovering your dream home will be one full of ease and enjoyment. That is because Phi International will provide an ally dedicated to working and communicating with you at every step of your project. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach us since we are open through address, mail, and phone. Additionally, you can also physically visit us between Monday and Friday. Our office opening hours run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.