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Tampa Bay is the place to live in for the perfect mix of urban and suburban living. Gorgeous sceneries top the great weather making it ideal for growing families. Do you wish to invest in real estate and are searching for multi-family home builders? Phi International is more than a multifamily construction business; we want to make an impact in Tampa Bay and its environs through sustainable living solutions. We have a vast team of professionals who will handle everything from the design to the completion of the construction. We go above and beyond to meet your schedule with no compromises to your budget and the construction quality.

Your Trusted Multi-Family Home Builders In Tampa Bay

Our competent and highly skilled team has worked on different types of multi family homes across the Tampa Bay area, striving to meet our clients’ satisfaction. Your construction is in good hands with us!
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What Is A Multifamily Home?

It is a building or a group of buildings that contain more than one unit. There are different types of these residential properties based on the available amenities, construction style, and the number of housing units. Choose from designs like townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, and apartment complexes. You select the market you want to serve, like providing solutions to low-income residents or luxury-oriented tenants.

What Are Multi-family House Plans?

These are designs of multi-family homes with the outward appearance of a single structure. They incorporate the exterior aesthetics of single-family homes while providing the benefits of multifamily structures. They characterize different styles and sizes, and our first-hand experience can guide you towards the best homes that meet your preference and affordability.

Why Choose A Multifamily Home?

Residential real estate is booming, and there are varying options, from single-family to multifamily homes. Here are the benefits of multi-family homes:

Steady cash flow

They feature a monthly flow of income from tenants despite having vacancies, reducing the risks. They also attract varying loan opportunities, with the possibility of spending a fraction to no project costs.

Increase in value

Real estate properties increase in value annually. It gets better with multi-family homes due to the increasing demand for affordable living. Multifamily housing is expected to soar in the following years. Besides, you can improve the property and add new amenities to boost its value faster.

Property management made easy

You can hire one building manager or management company to supervise the day-to-day running of your property. Unlike having many homes in different locations, one location fosters efficient and affordable management.

Our Values


We hold our services to the highest integrity, observing all the building codes to ensure your tenants’ safety. Our team is committed to doing everything right from the beginning to the end. This includes observing zonal laws and acquiring the necessary building permits. We are dedicated to ensuring safety during construction and take various precautions like incorporating protective equipment and gear. Our tried-and-true commitment to safety in all our projects has made us the go-to multi-family home developers in Tampa Bay.

Quality Constructions

We take pride in erecting gorgeous and robust multi-family homes that make you stand out. Your design will be your magnet, and our design team will bring to life what you have in mind. We have a clear track record of the best work from our references and testimonials. Phi International, where creativity and style come together!


We maintain constant communication with our clients, from minor developments to milestones. We also create your building estimates beforehand to let you prepare for the project with no hidden costs. You can drop any inquiries or questions about our services, and we will happily answer.

Why Choose Phi International For Your Multi-family House Project?

State-of-the-art techniques and equipment

At Phi International, we make our construction projects more manageable and safer by investing in modern machinery and time-to-time training for quality improvement. We let you move into the future with outstanding services and end products.


We have decades of experience in the multifamily construction industry, with the relentless goal of meeting our clients’ needs. We emphasize the early stages which make or break the project and work closely with you at every step. All our activities are carried out with precision to foster safe buildings and accident-free work sites. We take you through everything you need to know about our services before signing the dotted line.

Insurance and licensure

We are a licensed multifamily construction firm in the Tampa Bay region, which means we adhere to local and state laws. Similarly, we buffer you from anything that may go amiss with comprehensive coverages that cover property damage to our workers’ safety. We are fully licensed, and insured to guarantee that you can easily recover from any mishaps. We strive to make our projects risk-free to avoid affecting your timeline with our great risk management skills.

A highly skilled and diverse team

Our talented team of highly trained and competent experts works to meet your needs and specifications. We provide unique input that may be more fitting for your project.

Get your construction done right the first time with the highly trained team at Phi International. We are the best multi-family home builders who work to bring outstanding and functional projects that provide great value for your money with profitability. We can handle projects of varying sizes and styles. Take the first step to a seamless construction project by calling us today!

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