For a construction project to run smoothly, effective communication is vital. When starting your project with us Phi International Inc, you have a clue of what you want for your project. You’re ready to contact the general contractor in Tampa Bay, as you have a starting point. Miscommunication affects the flow of a construction job, and the project might end up being completed incorrectly. With proper communication and collaboration, the project is completed on time and within the budget. Here are 6 keys to communicating with your general contractor in Tampa bay.


How to effectively communicate

·      Establish a communication chain of command

It is essential to choose the communication chain of command you will use. In most construction contracts that we develop, the communication between you and us, your general contractor Tampa Bay is through your architect. Establishing a clear line of communication ensures that information reaches the right people at the right time. This helps curb misinformation and reduces delays that come in hand with miscommunication.

·      Choosing the correct communication method.

There is verbal and non-verbal communication, and we use both every day. Choosing a suitable method of communication simplifies the exchange of information. All stakeholders should agree on the method of communication to use, and any changes to it should be conveyed in the proper channels. Changing the mode of communication and not involving stakeholders could result in the message not reaching the right recipients and delay the project.

·      Be collaborative

You are in charge of your project, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t collaborate with your general contractor Tampa Bay for better results. Allow your contractors to give their honest opinion on your approach and criticize it if necessary. Allow them to give their ideas, which will make it easier for them to communicate anything to you in the future.

·      Achieve clarity

When communicating, you must make sure your information is clear and easy to understand to curb misinformation. When communicating with your contractors, make sure that you do not use jargon but professional; language for them to understand your message clearly. You should always confirm with them if your message is clear, and if anything from them isn’t clear to you, ask for clarity.

·      Be clear about your budget.

When having your custom home built in Tampa bay, be clear about your budget so that your contractor knows how much you are willing to spend on the project. The contractor having your budget helps them plan your work accordingly and give you the desired results. Please give them the details of how you want your custom home built. That way, they will work within the budget and give the home’s design to your preference.


Embrace proper lines of communication

Clear communication with your contractors will ensure your project is successful and build a relationship with your contractors. With the right communication channel, information will reach the recipient at the right time; hence, no delays are experienced. Poor communication is catastrophic and can lead to a failed project. If you want your project completed in a short time and still successful, then use proper communication with your contractors, and all that will be achieved.

We are always ready to help no matter how big or small your project is. Get in touch with us.