If you have been searching for Land for sale in Florida or Tampa custom home builders, you must have doubts and questions that need clarification. Firstly, buying rural land in Florida is an excellent idea due to its warm and sunny climates, nautical recreation, hardy pine forests, and the many resorts that attract visitors annually. However, buying land in Florida without the proper guidance and knowledge on things can be risky. At Phi International, Inc, we understand this fact, and that is why we educate our clients and provide answers to challenging questions you have about buying land and building a house.

In this article, the following questions will be answered:

  •   Should I go for rural Land, and what does it look like?
  •   How do I get essential utilities on a remote property in Florida?
  •   Should I get a land loan?
  •   What insurance am I required to have on raw Land in Florida?


Should I go for rural Land, and what does it look like?

A rural or remote location will suit you if you seek to find less expensive land for sale in Florida. Rural land in Florida typically has a fewer population density and is located in an unincorporated area, unlike the developed places in Florida.


How do I get essential utilities on a remote property in Florida?

When considering purchasing rural land, you need to ask yourself how to get clean water, electricity, and access to good roads. Firstly, you need to know the amenities provided for your area. For example, in terms of electricity, you can ask your agent for the provider and then contact them to give you an estimate or run you through the process.


Should I get a land/Construction loan?

A land/construction loan might be needed for situations when you do not have the required amount, and you wish to continue your projects. However, land loans are riskier for the lender; hence you may need to meet specific requirements before getting approval. Also, you must have down payments of about 20-25% of the total cost required.


What Insurance Must I Have On Raw Land In Florida?

Lenders are not obliged to give insurance on Land without a structure. But you might try to get liability insurance if you already have a wooded property or animals on your Land.

Remember, land loans are riskier for the lender, be sure you are ready with your down payments and already laid out plans.


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