Florida is popular for its beaches, sunshine, and great weather. Still, it experiences adverse weather conditions like storms and hurricanes. Homeowners are forced to take different initiatives to secure their investments. Most times, hurricane preparedness in Tampa includes installing a hurricane window film or shutters and this is where Phi international comes in.


How Good Is Your Hurricane Preparedness in Tampa?

Florida’s building codes require that any custom home within a mile of the coastal area installs high-impact glass windows during the building and renovation processes. While this window comprises two sheets of tempered glass and a shatterproof membrane layer, hurricane shutters are cheaper and more effective options.


How Do I Know If My Windows Are Hurricane-Proof?

Hurricane awareness in FL involves checking your home’s integrity before these catastrophic events to prevent damage and costly repairs down the road. Damage is usually caused by flying debris and high-intensity winds. Regular windows utilize float glass that can get easily shattered with an impact. Hurricane-proof windows meet high quality and strength standards. They are manufactured through rigorous and detailed processes and tested to ensure they protect your home. If you are unsure that your windows can withstand the hurricane, please get in touch with a professional for guidance or inspection.


What Is The Difference Between Hurricane Glass And Impact Glass?

Most people install high-impact glass windows or hurricane shutters to protect their homes from storms and hurricanes. Over the fence on the best choice for your property? Here’s what you should know about them:


Impact resistant windows

Impact glass incorporates a robust laminate interlayer in the middle of two glass pieces to absorb as much impact as possible. While standard glass shatters after impact during storms, the impact glass pieces remain attached to the inner membrane alongside the window frame. It can stand up to winds traveling at 200mph and a hit from a 2*4 wood pieces traveling at 50mp second. These windows offer industry-standard protection throughout the year from storm threats and theft.

It is also handy in boosting your home’s energy efficiency and minimizing noise from getting in or going out. This is thanks to the supplementary laminate layer and the additional pane of glass. Installing the impact-resistant windows also reduces your insurance premiums.

The cons of these high-quality additions are their high cost, which can quickly add up when installed in every window of your home. Besides, if any strong projectile strikes the laminated glass, it won’t gain entry into your home. However, it may crack and require a replacement.


Hurricane glass

This is usually installed on a window to offer protection to the glass that lies underneath. Unlike impact glass, it is much more affordable. Moreover, it incorporates different wind and impact ratings based on features like shape and size. It also causes a charming effect and gives character to any home. It’s ideal for adding color or evoking a dramatic look with the dark-toned and stylish options. Today, shutters are also effortless to use. Some even allow you to open and close them with a switch.

There are varying shutters to choose from based on the look you want and the functionality you need. Like their counterparts, they can also save you money on your insurance premiums yearly. The downside of this option is that they limit visibility once they’re put in place for an approaching storm.


Which One Should You Install?

If you live in a place notorious for hurricanes, it’s best to install both for double protection. An impact-resistant window is a great choice for a flexible budget and if you will stay in your home long enough to make the most of your investment. On the other hand, the hurricane shutters are ideal for a low budget and for those who don’t intend to stay in their home for more than a few years.

Hurricane preparedness in Tampa involves proactive steps to keep inhabitants and properties safe from harsh weather like storms and hurricanes. Choose from the impact or hurricane glass, depending on what suits you best. The former is excellent for superior protection than the latter, which is still effective, more affordable, and adds elegance. This way, homeowners can rest easy knowing their investment is safe from damage.