Searching for commercial contractors in Tampa or Clearwater in Florida might be difficult. One reason is that many contractors offer similar services, hence you might be confused figuring out who will be able to meet your standards. You might want a one-stop shop for all your construction needs in FL because everyone wants their construction work to go smoothly. So here is where we come in; to be realistic, we have all you will ever need for construction.

Phi International Inc. is a commercial contractor in Tampa, Clearwater, and the surrounding areas of Florida. We offer commercial building and design in Tampa and are equipped to attend to all your construction needs. To clear further doubts, we will highlight the top 5 reasons why we are the best commercial contractor you can turn to today.


  1. We have an excellent build design process: Planning is fundamental to the success of any building construction. Hence, Phi International forms a close bond and works closely with top architects to offer unmatched design services. As a result, our commercial building and design services in Clearwater and surrounding areas are top-notch and are not provided elsewhere.
  2. We build with quality materials: With us, you should not be scared of substandard materials because we value constructions made with quality materials. Besides building your projects with quality materials, we also provide solutions to all hitches from the planning stage to the final stage, making us your one-stop shop for all your construction needs.
  3. We are experienced at what we do: Phi International Inc has been in business since 1997, giving us an edge to do great things in the construction industry. We are here for you, from electrical and plumbing to building and design.
  4. Our customers trust us: Over the years, we have had opportunities to work on big projects like commercial buildings, banks, schools, shopping centers, and restaurants. However, one thing in common is that our clients are always satisfied. Hence, they trust our work, and you can do the same!
  5. We are contractors for residential and commercial purposes: Aside from being Tampa’s commercial construction contractors, we also work on residential construction projects like custom homes, making us fit for any construction project you may have in Tampa, Clearwater, and beyond.

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You wouldn’t know the sweetness of honey without tasting it first. Similarly, with the highlighted top attributes of Phi International Inc., you might not be fully convinced without a trial. Hence, join the train of happy customers today by contacting us and making us your one-stop shop for all construction needs in Fl.