The first step in building a custom home is to select the right lot. Your preferred lot will depend on various factors and your personal preference. Securing the right lot controls how fast you move to the next line of action – selecting a top Tampa custom home builder in Florida.

There are several agents for handling land sales in Florida, which has made buying land and building a house in Florida easier. However, you need to know the key details of a good lot before purchasing. This article will help you pick the right lot for your home.


Top 5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Lot.

1.     The shape and slope of the land

The shape of any lot decides the positioning of the house. For example, whether your home will be narrow or built sideways depends on the shape of the lot. On the other hand, the slope is a major factor in determining if water drains off the property. The slope also affects the home design, whether a slab construction is needed or otherwise. However, the lot’s shape and slope are the first to check.

2.     Neighborhood

Some neighborhoods require all houses built to follow a particular developmental plan. If you know the developmental plan is not what you intend, you should try another lot. Also, make sure an environment is a place that fits you. Ask yourself, is the land for sale near me desirable?

3.     Amenities available

Is accessing water, sewer, gas, and electricity on the lot possible? If yes, then you are good to go. If not, consider other options. You will need all the basic amenities to live comfortably at home. Furthermore, Tampa custom home builders in Florida, like Phi International, Inc., can help you evaluate the lot to ensure amenities can be accessed.

4.     Proximity to urban areas of the city

How far is the lot from your school, office, church, or market? Can you quickly locate the urban areas from your lot? Proximity to these places is vital. Though it all depends on what you want, you should consider your convenience when picking a lot.

5.     Restrictions and laws

Before picking a lot, check if there are existing laws governing the construction of houses in the area. For example, you can ask for the building code, taxes, and zone regulations. The restrictions and laws can affect how quickly you buy land and build a house.

As you search online for land for sale in Florida near you, search for the rules and regulations attached to the lot.


A One-Stop Shop for Building!

After securing the right lot, the next step is looking for a Tampa custom home builder in FL. Phi International, Inc., is the right company to call. We are always delighted to help you from the initial stage of getting your lot to the final stage of house completion.

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