Making a substantial investment involves various duties and responsibilities requiring technical understanding and ability. Regarding tasks as varied as roofing, heating, plumbing, and painting, accessing reliable general contractor services in Clearwater FL, at your disposal might feel like hitting the jackpot.

For a streamlined building project, it is best to select a trusted general contractor for construction services in Clearwater, rather than coordinating with multiple firms.

Phi International Inc is an international professional services corporation that helps various companies and institutions. Our expertise, experience, and resources are geared toward assisting clients in achieving their aims. Phi International provides a variety of services, some of which are as follows:


Construction Management

·      Cost Management

It is simple to go over your allotted funds if you do not have a solid plan. While maximizing available resources, our project manager seeks skilled workers and high-quality materials. While we can attest to our competence with the necessary equipment, you can count on us to keep the business end of things within your set budget.

·      Quality Management

Our structures are long-lasting and beautifully crafted. Our team works together effectively, from the initial concept to the final product. Our licensed construction contractor, Clearwater, FL, will personally oversee all phases of your project, from the most crucial to the most minute, to ensure the highest level of quality. This encourages the adoption of the highest quality materials and standards.



Phi International partners with the architectural community to provide superior design services to clients in Tampa. Our goal is to finish each building job on schedule and under budget. We take care of everything from the initial blueprints to the last touches with our comprehensive design and construction services. If you give us your ideas for the new structure, we will do everything possible to make them come true.


General Contractor

Our construction contractor services in Clearwater, FL, may be of interest to you if you already have a blueprint of your proposed structure. Through our available contracting services, we handle everything from securing necessary permissions and approvals to coordinating the delivery of materials and scheduling essential quality assurance checks. We will also manage any required subcontractors, including builders, plumbers, painters, and others.


Single-Family Home Developers

It is a pride for us to provide sustainable and reasonably priced construction options. We have developed close relationships with a wide range of clients thanks to the expertise and resources of our enormous staff.


Multi-Family Home Building Services

The Tampa Bay area is home to many different types of multi-family residences, and our staff has worked on all of them. We are qualified to handle your building project.


Do you need General Contractor Services in Clearwater, FL?

You should contact us if you said “yes” to the question. Do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our complimentary consultation.